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Fortnite World Cup in 2019

Beginning tomorrow, Fortnite gamers will have the chance to compete against other gamers across all platforms for glory and prizes via a brand new"in-game championship" manner that Epic is incorporating with another patch. Later this year they'll use the way to choose qualifiers into the 2019 Fortni…

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We are aware that Fortnite founder Epic Games comes down hard on cheaters. Not only has it prohibited thousands of gamers using software to obtain an edge in the sport, but the firm has also established lawsuits against cheaters. Now, it is suing two notable YouTube characters that appear on a stati…

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Streamer making more than $500,000 a year playing Fortnite

Esports is a thriving business and there is plenty of cash to be produced. Nick Overton appears a run of the mill 27-year-old man from Iowa, but beneath the humble grin is a hazardous Fortnite player called'Immarksman' who works for its skilled esports group Counter Logic Gambling. Together with the…

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